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Innovative house design provides custom steel framed home design and supply services to residential builders all over the United States. We can design a custom red iron structural framing package to be used for the construction of any new home regardless of size or complexity. We use Autodesk design software to create a custom three dimensional model of the red iron framing kit based on the architectural design of the home. We can use architectural drawings that we create or drawings created by a third party. We take the same design process used to design commercial metal buildings and modified the process for residential design.


We provide your builder with detailed construction drawings for the custom steel framing kit. These drawings are stamped by an engineer licensed in the state where the home is being constructed. The builder will use these drawings to assemble the custom steel framing kit we have designed. The custom steel framing kit will be delivered to your job site by truck and your contractor will be responsible for unloading and taking inventory of the kit. The kit will include everything required for the builder to complete the exterior and interior framing for the home. Once our kit has been completed your builder will simply finish the home as they would if it were a traditional wood framed home.


Our custom red iron steel home kits are a significant upgrade to traditional wood framing and they are easy to assemble. The cost to do the framing for your new home with a custom steel framing kit from Innovative House Design is only about five percent more than a traditional wood framed home. That extra five percent will get you a home that will be far more resistant to fire, termites, mold, strong winds, and will require substantially less maintenance than a traditional wood framed home.


Innovative House Design believes that steel framed homes are the future of residential construction. Steel homes are stronger, more environmentally friendly, and require much less maintenance. Contact us today and let us help you build a beautiful custom steel home that can passed down for generations.

Above is a an example 3D CAD model simalar to the ones we create for all of our custom red iron steel framing kits.

Note: Some parts included in the kit are not shown for clarity of the model.

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